About Me

My name is Antonia. I love taking photos since i was a little kid. Maybe my first photographs were not the best but i always loved to capture moments. I am of the opinion we are all human so we usually do not remember everything what we see.  However photographs are helping our memory to remember. Just one picture can be tied to so many emotions, which we are not able to remember on our own. So yep, i am photo addicted! Addionally i am addicted in visiting new countries and cities and in getting to know different cultures. No matter where I am, I always take a piece of the culture i got to know back home. That is the reason why i am learning greek by the way. Greece is definitely one of my favorite places on earth. But the list of places i want to see is so long that i am always open for new beautiful places and adventures.

Beside taking photos and traveling i study media informatics in Düsseldorf – Germany. Maybe i do not fit that well in a typical profile of a computer science student because my hobbies have nothing to do with computer. But do not get me wrong i am very interested in computer science and like what i am studying. Alongsides my studies i spend my freetime with my friends or in the boxing studio. Another culture thing – i am doing thai boxing.

But enough about me – what can you find on this blog? I am going to post pictures from my trips and i will write blog entries from the places i have been. So if you like traveling and photos as much as i do this is the right blog for you! Furthermore you will get inspired of places you haven’t been yet and get some tips for your next trip. Now get you some holiday vibes and start reading! 😉

about me